Maa Kamakhya Devi Vashikaran Mantra

How To Sidh Vashikaran Mantra

How To Sidh Vashikaran Mantra, “Man proposes but God disposes”. You must have experienced the veracity of this proverb in your day to day activities.  You propose an objective and apply your efforts, will power and intellectual potentialities to achieve it.  But, there is a limit to this. There is a supernatural power- God Who shapes and determines the end result.  Most often, it goes against your proposal



The simple reason is, you don’t have control or “Vash” on the thoughts and action of others. Such situations occur, particularly in love affairs. You may want to create love in the heart of someone special. You may think of attracting someone to fall in love with you and marry your love partner.  You may be thinking of keeping your spouse under your control. To make it possible, you must learn how to sidha vashikaran Mantra under the guidance of a Vashikaran Specialist.

Supernatural energy is represented by a form of God. This can be invoked by “Mantra Siddhi”. Every devata or deity is mantra baddha and is obliged to fulfill the purpose for which the Mantra is chanted. Some Mantras are chanted repeatedly and some are arranged ad chanted in a specific sequence. It involves certain intonation and rhythm. Mantra should be chanted for a particular duration, according to the swara and putting stress on each syllable.

Chanting should be done in a fixed posture; with your back upright.  Never forget to follow the elaborate procedure and austerity. You can get siddhi on any mantra if you perform it cool, calm and poise mind. Moreover, you should have confidence, faith and reverence on the supernatural energy, you are invoking. However, if you want to know how to sidha gayatri mantra, get the advice and guidance of a experienced vashikaran specialist.

In ancient India, children used to go to Gurukul for getting diksha of Gayatri Mantra which is also known as Guru mantra. The best answer to the question, how to sidha gayatri mantra is, you must have Saraddha and Viswas. These two inner supports establish the sublime linkage between Guru and Shishya and you can accomplish the Sadhana.

Sadhana implies the unification of the powers of devotion and practice.  Consequently a new power known as “Sidhi” is created. , It is also known as the divine boon or miracle. For performing Sadhana, you need to have righteous actions and thoughts and virtue. The following is the process of performing gayatri mantra in 4 steps.

Take your bath after finishing your daily routine, sit on a clean asana with full concentration. It should be performed at a fixed place at fixed time. The whole process of how to sidha gayatri mantra can be done within half an hour.

  1. Purification, known as Atmasodhan or Brahma Sandhya or Panch Sandhya. It involves Pavtmikaran by sprinkling water on your body, Achaman, Shikha Vandan, Pranayam and Nyas
  2. Invocation or Dev Poojan. Keeping the photo of Gayatri Maata, establishing intimacy with deity by Pancopchar
  3. Recitation of mantra with meditation or Jap and Dhyan; Jap of three malas of Gayatri, daily for 15minutes ad inviting the divinity to illuminate your inner self; Dhyana or meditation; Saakaar Dhyan or Niraakar Dhyan
  4. Visarjan or Surya Arghyadan; surrendering yourself to the Virat Brahma or the Omnipotent God

Each, excepting the Step 4 of the above steps should be performed for two to five minutes. Visarjan should be performed for at least 15 minutes.

If you want wealth and prosperity, you should know how to sidha shree yantra. Shri means wealth and Yantra means Instrument.  Goddess of Wealth, Laxmi  Devi can pleased through Yantra and you will be showered with abundance of money, movable and immovable properties, fame, success, prosperity, peace of mind and good luck.  A Yantra is represented in geometrical shapes and generates a subtle range of cosmic force that is invoked.

When a vedic mantra is chanted, many layers of energy in the microcosm vibrate on the same wavelength, by creation of the whole Macrocosm. The yantra is composed of different geometric shapes such as trikona(triangle), bindu (dot), chakra (circle), satkona (six pointed star), bhupura (square) and Padma (divine lotus). Yantra strengthens thoughts and influence by increasing the intensity of prayer. There are four types of Yantras; namely; Yantra of i) Deities, ii) Architectural iii) Numerical iv)Astrological Significance..

In order to know how to sidha shree yantra, consult a Specialist. Another method of performing mantra sadhana is Hath Jodi which means Pair of arms. This is very popular charm good fortune and prosperity. This is extracted from the roots of a tree that resembles a pair of arms with closed palms. Besides being a charm, it is also used in Mohini Vidya, Tantra of Vashikaran and Akrshan.

Hatha Jodi is the symbol of Chamunda Mataa,and Maha kaali. The root is energized and is used as Good luck Charm.  In order to get your desired objective, sit in front of the Hatha Jodi and chant the Mantra “Oum Keelee Keelee Swaha. Chant for 7 or 11 mala daily. After completing the Sadhana, offer cloves to the Hath Jodi. Your desires will be definitely fulfilled.

This plant is known As Martynia Annua and is found in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. Get the root on a Pushya Naksharta on any Sunday. After washing, keep it in black sesame oil or Til oil for one month. After one month perform the recommended rituals and keep it in vermilion. Do not show it to others. Once you know how to sidh hath Jodi, consult a Tantrik and energize it.  You can keep in your home temple, your safe or an use it as a pendant.

Hatha Jodi shields you in journeys, interview. The wearer of hath Jodi will always bring triumph and success. It will also protect you from bad eyes and supernatural spirit like ghosts. But you must know how to sidh hath Jodi.