Maa Kamakhya Devi Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran Se Chutkara Pane Ke Upay

Vashikaran Se Chutkara Pane Ke Upay, Vashikaran is a medium to attract a person’s mind and heart. It can bring back a lost love into your life; it can also solve the problems that occur in a husband and wife relationship. However, besides many benefits of Vashikaran it has some ill effects if done with a wrong intention. When a person is trapped in an evil vashikaran then his or her life is destroyed. The person loses its mental peace and loses the ability to take control of its life. He faces a lot of obstacles and can go astray.


But how will you identify that you are under the influence of any unwanted vashikaran spell. If you are getting attracted to something which you never liked or if you are feeling lost. You are experience some drain in your energy level and are going through some weird changes in life which you had never experienced before, then its time to sit back and think that something is seriously wrong.

Vashikaran se mukti pana

If you are suffering from the negative effects of Vashikaran then this a very simple way of getting rid of its effects. It can be easily done at home also. Sometimes in the family someone out of sheer jealousy or revenge can cast a vashikaran spell on you. If you have come to know about this, then you can use this upaay to get rid of that person and the whole spell as well.

Take a piece of white cotton cloth, wash it with Gangajal. Then write that person’s name on it whom you thick have done any vashikaran on you. Write the name of that person with your index figure. After that count the number of letters in that person’s name and spit on it equal the time of the letters present in the name, stamp that cloth by your feet and take it to the toilet and spoil that cloth while using the toilet. You can also use it to clean yourself while your periods. Then throw this cloth out of your house in some gutter. This way you will be getting rid of that person quickly. If you think that person has entered in your life again then repeat this act again and your problem will be solved permanently.

Vashikaran se bachne ke upay

It is quite possible these days that people follow wrong paths to avenge themselves. Then get so blindfolded with anger or jealousy or revenge that they lose their mind and use vashikaran tactics to cast a spell on the person they want to. Before discussing the Vashikaran se bachne ke upay lets understand, what could be the reasons that lead to these vashikaran totkeys.

  1. If there is a sudden disagreement and fight between two people and one of them has taken it to his or her ego.
  2. If a boyfriend or girlfriend has left and went on with someone else.
  3. If somebody has cheated in the business partnership.
  4. If a person is jealous by somebody’s sudden growth in wealth and reputation.

So all the above points discussed can lead to an evil eye on a person. Now we will discuss few points on how to save yourself from Vashikaran effects.

  1. Go to visit a Mahakaali temple and take the Ashthagandh or sindoor from that temple and pray in front of the deity to set you free form the ill effects of the vashikaran spell.
  2. If any near one of yours in the family is suffering due to vashikaran effects, then offer some rose flower to Goddess Mahakaali and chant Chamunda mantra and after that take 7 petals of that flower and give the person who is suffering to eat.
  3. You can also take a lemon and rotate it 21 times around that person and cut it into 4 pieces and throw it out.
  4. You can also order for a Kawach and give it to the person to wear it.

You can always prevent yourself from getting trapped into vashikaran spells by keeping these points in mind:

  1. If you suspect any person, then don’t eat anything given by that person.
  2. If you have visited any person or place and after coming back, you don’t feel right then clean yourself properly and do some nazar utadna tactics.
  3. Refrain from eating Non-veg and drinking liquor in Full moon or No moon day.
  4. If you doubt a person, then avoid eating on thing in his or her house on Full moon or No moon day.

Besides following these simple and short ideas you can also consult a good Astrologer who can guide you to overcome these problems.

Vashikaran hatane ka mantr

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